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HOW TO WRITE A PRESS RELEASE Get the coverage you need

If you want anyone in the world of media (including radio) to take notice and give you the time of day, you need to hire a publicist or marketing firm. Working with them in creating a masterful press release is the only true way to impact media outlets. Here are some of the basic rules to keep in mind when creating your press release.

1.  Don’t send a press release unless it is newsworthy

Talking about how good your music is. . . is garbage. Talking about how your music is impacting radio programmers in a particular market, or announcing that you are going to be hitting the radio on tour is much more intriguing. Focus your press release around a newsworthy event, like debuting your new album, an upcoming tour announcement, or recording a new song in the studio. If you focus on “news”, editors and writers will have a reason to add your press release to their news section. Keeping it simple and sticking to the who, what, where, why and when is the basic fundamentals of a press release.

2. Don’t add fluff and brag

Focus your writings on telling the reader about yourself . Stick to the substance of the press release and the reason why you are writing it to begin with.

3.  Don’t use flashy fonts and colors

Your press release should be easily cut and pasted without having to do a lot of editing and stripping of your special settings you have added.

4.  Use a photo

Always use a professional photo to accompany your press release. Giving the read a visual sense of who you are gives them a chance to make a connection with you as an artist.  Be sure the photo is high resolution quality. Adding a link to the full quality photo is always important to give the contact access to a great photo for print media.

4.  Proofread. . . three times!

Check and double check and triple check your work for typos and grammar errors. Did you remember to add contact information? Did you remember to add appropriate links?

5.  Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)

When sending your press release to your distribution list ALWAYS using BCC. Adding a string of email addresses without using BCC is the fastest way you will be yourself (and email address) blacklisted.

Below is a basic structure of a press release:

Subject and title:
Artist XYZ Is Impacting Radio With Their New Single
The Content:
Los Angeles recording artist XYZ debuts its newest release to radio landing #1 on the Up & Coming chart.

Additional information:
In addition, is currently spinning the single “Take Me To The Top” in heavy rotation and getting listeners attention.

x x x

Artist bio:

XYZ first began her music career in 2003 with her first album entitled “Here We Go”

For interviews and music servicing contact:

Media contact:

Loggins Promotion, LLC

Tel: 310-325-2800


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