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WHAT'S NEXT? It's time to get busy!

At this time, you have already decided on when you would like to release your new song.  You have already engage with an online retail distributor such as TuneCore or CDBaby. . . good job. 

Here’s a few things you need to do in order to cross those “Ts” and dot those “Is”. 

  • Register your tracks with your chosen PRO (performance and mechanical rights organization) within your country. You will need an ISRC code for this. An ISRC code is an international tracking code for music.  Many online distributors offer this. 
  • Setup an online premiere of your new release sot that you can get a BIG pop “out of the gate”.  You may also begin to contact press to get coverage for your new release. 
  • This is also a great time to begin marketing your new release to Spotify and other streaming platforms. 
  • Begin contacting handfuls of music blogs and local radio shows. Let them know about your new release date and ask them for feedback on your release. 
  • At this time you may now begin to promote your “Pre-Saves” online streaming outlets. 
  • Now, it’s time to get all your fans and contact excited about your new release.  You should begin teasing your new single and it’s release date (think of it like a movie trailer for a big upcoming Godzilla movie).  Your teasers should appear everywhere.  If you already have a music video, this would be a great starting point to release a short clip. 

1…2…3…BLAST OFF!

  • You are now fully engaged with your promotion and marketing team, official add dates have been set, and your team is off to the races with your new release.  Post your your new release everywhere . .social media, your own website, etc. If you have already created a CRM like we previously mentioned in other artist, then  you need to engage with your database of fan emails. 
  • Make changes to all your social media account to show the new release is “now available”.  Send your new release out to more blogs and curators. 
  • You may now begin to start your online social media advertising and begin teasing the new single more aggressively. 
  • Throughout your campaign make sure you are continually engaging with fans and Spotify playlist curators. Keep an eye on your social media accounts and remember to thank those who engage with you and your new release.

Remember, putting together a team of professional industry reps will make or break your success.  Radio Promotion and marketing has, and will likely remain, the reigning champion within the music industry. Don’t forget about publicity and PR which will come into play once your new release gets legs.  A social media marketing company can also make a massive difference with your global reach. All of which we offer at Loggins Promotion as the leader within the music industry. We are here to help you and answer whatever questions you may have. All you have to do is reach out to us.  


Contact us now and we’ll get you the media attention you need!