Want to grow Your Spotify Plays, Followers, Monthly Listeners?

Loggins Promotion is the most cost-efficient service, with radio airplay promotion campaigns and Spotify promotion,  you will be able to gain the attention your music deserves. 
Loggins Promotion works to help artists, independent and major label, promote their Spotify tracks and grow their following. We understand the Spotify platform, how different it is from other music platforms, and how difficult it can be for artists to “catch” exposure to their music on Spotify . We resolve this issue for you via our Spotify promotion and marketing campaigns.

How much does it cost?

As standard within the radio industry, pricing is based on format of music.  Certain formats of radio such as Top40, Adult Contemporary and Country have an extensive panel of radio stations as well as a much larger base of listeners. Whereas, particular formats of radio (Jazz, Americana and AAA).  Contact us here for a quote.

How can I get you my music?

You are welcome to submit one MP3 through our online submission portal here. Otherwise, if you would like to submit your full CD or EP, contact us here to receive “permission to submit”.

We utilize the following tools in our campaigns: 

  • Email marketing to millions of music listeners based on the genre.
  • Targeted ads and sponsored placements.
  • Network of affiliates and partner lists.

When does my campaign start?

There is a setup process we need to do internally. This may take up to 3-4 days. The time spent setting up your campaign is at no cost to you. 

Are plays and/or followers guaranteed?

Yes. Promotion and marketing campaigns will continue until we hit the desired number of plays or followers you have allotted for.