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Music Marketing Ideas For Success Hold On Tight & Enjoy The Ride


Decades ago an artist could make an income in selling CDs… occasionally out of the back of their trunk. The digital world has turned the entire music industry on its head which has forced artists and record labels to embrace new ideas and directions in their income generating efforts. Selling music still tops the list of income and, therefore, focusing on your brand is the most important factor within the music industry.  Build your brand! 

Branding gives you more areas to monetize your music career in a vast variety of ways. Creating a eye catching logo for merchandise will drive your demand.


Let your audience guide  you on what is hot and what is not. Taking notice to trends in fashion, beverages, sports, etc. allows you to be more in touch with what they want. This allows you to create a subculture within your brand much like every 1980’s pop band was successful at doing “back in the day”. Successfully creating a subculture will give you the timeless success for years to come. 


ALL artist at some point in their career will create a tremendous amount of buzz and hype by pushing the boundaries of their music talents. Do something unexpected. The most popular way is to step out of your genre and collaborate with artists which don’t have much similarity to your music.  Collaborations is a huge way for you to reach more new fans while adding an entirely new level of exposure to your brand.

Even though this is a MUST, it is extremely important to ensure it’s the right song. A song that is only “Ok” will not allow you to grasp onto the rocket ship and shot you to a new level. Be very creative. Be very, very different and, in no way, should this ever song like a karaoke version of the same song. 


Many moons ago it was extremely popular for every major artist to do a Christmas album. Those days are gone, leaving a massive void for you to take advantage of. Every once in awhile you have a smart artist become a legend overnight with a properly produced Holiday album (or song).  With major labels and their artists focusing on other strategies, the lack of Holiday music, additionally, has left a huge void at radio. This means a massive opportunity for you to expand your market, your brand, your fan base, your creative process. 

I have strongly recommend to our clients at Loggins Promotion to write holiday music. It is a sure winner at gaining yearly exposure during the Holiday Season and if you properly promoted your Christmas song each year, you will have a great chance at becoming a “sure thing” each year as the Holiday Season rolls around. 


Far too often do artists with new found fame embrace the gifted life style only to turn fans away. Sticking to your true personality will allow you to blossom into a bigger and better person and grow with your fans in what they would expect.