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10 Questions with Paul Loggins

1. What got you interested in the music business?
Being brought up in a music oriented family I was always fascinated with the business side of the music industry. My first influences came from cousin Kenny Loggins, I quickly found myself embracing all genres of music as they all had different stories to be told and flavors to offer. Although , my earliest works included producing music at what is known as the historic A&M records, I continually found myself engaging myself within the business side of the industry whether it be management, tour production, publishing,  marketing and promotion.

2. What was your favorite station to listen to when you were a kid?
KHJ Los Angeles. My father’s dear friend Danny Martinez was their top jock. Each year I would be woken up by my father (and Danny) on my birthday as he held the telephone over my bed while Danny was live on the air. 

3. Tell us about Loggins Promotion.
Loggins Promotion had been the leader of radio promotion and marketing for over two decades. We have an amazing platform that helps to maximize exposure to both major and independent artist’s music. We have worked with the biggest names in the biz for over three decades and are proud of the success we have had with each one of them.

4. How do you see Loggins Promotion’s  work in the future, particularly for independent artists and bands?
Our business structure is unlike any other. At Loggins Promotion, our influence of music at radio stands strong and our impact on listeners and developing artist’s careers are top of class. We work tirelessly to create hits for musicians, brand their products, and through our promotional efforts and marketing we can help them reach massive audiences.

When it comes to independent artists, our radio promotion encompasses several much needed aspects an artist requires for success. We develop long-term national campaigns which includes radio promotion, digital marketing, publicity and public relations. Something never change in the industry. . . radio remains the top “play” for most results.

5. Things change quick in the music industry. If it was up to you, what would you change to give bands a better shot?
I work every week to stay relevant, informed and ready to jump at change (or create it).  Over the years I pride myself in creating the change.  For example, I founded AirplayAccess, the first digital music delivery at radio for independent artists. There was a huge void for independent artists and bands to get their music to radio programmers at an affordable price. .so I filled it. It this kind of forward thinking which keeps someone relevant. 

6. What do you view as the most important issue facing radio today?
Syndication. Some radio station feel that they easy to program their local station is to run syndicated radio shows and move away from live DJs. This cookie cutter mentality only hurts their local draw, kills the creativity and makes their station seem stale. This type of close minded programming is always found at radio stations which don\’t break records while other radio stations are already enjoying the rewards of new music and artists.

7. What is the toughest part of your job?
Time. Radio is a fast paced industry and the clock seems to always ticks extra fast. Long hours. 

8. What would surprise people most about you?
I’m a huge animal lover. If I wasn’t in the music biz, I’d own a zoo 🙂

9. If you were to leave the record business today and you could choose any other occupation, what would it be?
I have often thought about this and find myself coming back to the same answer every time. More than likely I would join forces with a nonprofit supporting abused and homeless dogs, or I would start my own.

10. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time away from work?
I’m a big movie guy. I love watching movies. I also enjoy golfing, cooking and traveling to foreign countries. 


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