WHAT IS LOGGINS PROMOTION? The #1 Award winning radio promotion firm in the U.S.

Loggins Promotion has been the leading radio airplay promotion, marketing and consulting firm in the U.S. for almost three decades.  We specialize within the commercial radio markets and continue to have highly successful campaigns within all genres of radio including Top40(CHR), Adult Contemporary(AC), Country, Urban, R&B, Rap/Hip Hop, Rock, Smooth Jazz and College radio.

All projects are regarded as our top priority with total focus of our abilities. We are committed to make your project an examples of the highest level of professionalism and anyone has to offer.  In simple terms, give us the opportunity and we will prove it to you by furthering your music career like no other can.  We strongly believe our promotional efforts will be beyond satisfactory to you and we are hopeful you will extend to us the opportunity to show you what phenomenal results we produce.

  • Provides you weekly, customized airplay status reports (ASR).
  • Free promotion:  up to 4 weeks setup of your national radio campaign at no additional charge. You only beginning paying once we begin securing radio airplay for you.
  • Cutting edge real time tracking reports which record the success of your artist(s) every day . . . every week.
  • International distribution list email campaigns: Complimenting your national campaign with news and tour updates adding an effective source to your campaign.
  • In-house staff to promote your artists/bands to Major/Independent film productions for inclusion within upcoming soundtracks.
  • Promotes your music to the vast panel of hit television shows.
  • Mail your product to radio at a highly discounted rate.
  • Backstage Entertainment consulting service (available to Loggins Promotion clients exclusively).
  • We bill on a weekly scale. No time obligation to the artist/band or record label.


Contact us now with any questions you have. We are here to help.