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ENHANCED MARKETING ADD-ON Promotion Doesn't Stop At Radio

Have you ever been at the mall or shopping at your local store and wondered how to get your music on their in-store radio? Imagine your music being heard in thousands of stores! Your wait is over.

Loggins Promotion’s network vast and reaches the leading music programming in retail, radio and music delivery. Delivering music to our programming partners which may lead to in-store airplay in thousands of retail locations across the country which generate critical impressions to help support your radio airplay.

Where does my music get played?

With over 35,000 stores in the programming network within the genres of Top40, Adult Contemporary, Country, AC/Indie Mix, Alternative, Active Rock, Mainstream Rock, Urban,  Rhythmic Top 40, Dance/EDM, Jazz , AAA (Adult Album Alternative), Classic Rock, Classic Hits, Children’s Music and more, Loggins Promotion enhanced marketing service was created as a vehicle to expose your music to a wide audience via in-store play. In the age of SoundHound and Shazam, in-store airplay has never been more valuable in exposing you and your music to new fans.

Will I know where my music is played?

We supply you with a detailed weekly report which show impressions city by city.

What will I need to start?

Loggins Promotion’s Enhanced Marketing is designed to accompany its National radio campaign. By enhancing your National marketing campaign your music will be able to super-saturate cities, states and regions throughout the U.S. Impacting your fans base and collecting new fans where they shop, eat and listen to radio gets you the biggest promotion and marketing push as if you were your own major record label. Kick off your National radio campaign by including Enhanced Marketing with Loggins Promotion.

What genres are available?

Top40, Adult Contemporary, Country, AC/Indie Mix, Alternative, Active Rock, Mainstream Rock, Urban, Rhythmic Top 40, Dance/EDM, Jazz , AAA (Adult Album Alternative), Classic Rock, Classic Hits, Children’s Music and more.


Enhanced Marketing is an “Add-On” to your campaign. Contact us with questions and pricing.