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Eileen Carey “Leave It All Behind”

Primadonna Reeds “Spur Of The Moment”

John Jurney “Everyday Angels”

Nathan Carruth Band “Raindrops Of Grace”

Vic Jard “When I’m With You”

Kailee Spark “Sparkle & Shine”

J.Ramada “Imaginary Thunder”

Rising Fade “McFly”

John Michael Ferrari “Be The Smile On Your Face”

Linards Zarins “Dusk Till Dawn”

Tommy Rice feat. Patricia Barrett “The Greatest Love Of Them All”

Rob Georg “This Gift Called Life”

Toni Land “Hip Hip Hurray”

Primadonna Reeds “Isolation Blues”

Genesis “Frozen In Time”

Sabi Pitt “Change The World”

Charlie Kulis Band “Twisted”

Kel Parker “You Are”

Chris Milo “Poisoned Love”

Catie Waters “Crazy”

Meg Berry “Colored Balloons”

Tommy Rice “Eternal Promise Of Love”

John Jurney “Love Don’t Like You”

Jeremy Buck “Don’t Look Down”

Big Jim Davis ‘You Can Never Go Back To Where You Been’

Tommy Rice “Christmas Is All About Jesus”

BBC Children In Need “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”

Streetlight Cadence “Chillin”

Adrian Bal “Yuletime”

Christina Ferraro “Christmas Candle”

John Michael Ferrari “Somewhere We Could Fall”

Meg Berry “Happy Holiday Song”

Primadonna Reeds “So Far So Good”

James Croxton “Christmas Card”

Christos “Numb”

Christopher The Grey “Higher”

Ginger & The Glowsticks “Christmas Day”

Adrian Bal “Christmas Is Coming”

Final State “Fever”

Charlie Kulis Band “Hotel Room”

December Rose “Apple Tree”

ReLove “Shinning Through”

Bovian “Love You To Death”

Toni Land “Crazed And Dazed”

Black Pontiac “School Girls”

Izzy Mahoubi “Bitter Words”

Rob Georg “This Old House”