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Adrian Bal “Yuletime”

Christina Ferraro “Christmas Candle”

John Michael Ferrari “Somewhere We Could Fall”

Meg Berry “Happy Holiday Song”

Primadonna Reeds “So Far So Good”

James Croxton “Christmas Card”

Christos “Numb”

Christopher The Grey “Higher”

Ginger & The Glowsticks “Christmas Day”

Adrian Bal “Christmas Is Coming”

Final State “Fever”

Charlie Kulis Band “Hotel Room”

December Rose “Apple Tree”

ReLove “Shinning Through”

Bovian “Love You To Death”

Toni Land “Crazed And Dazed”

Black Pontiac “School Girls”

Izzy Mahoubi “Bitter Words”

Rob Georg “This Old House”

Jay Chavez Band “Change”

Conversion “You Gotta Have Heart”

Tommy Rice “Miss Her More Today Than Yesterday”

Zarbo “Get Up And Dance”

Sekhem Mahata w/Natalis “Give Me More”

Eileen Carey “Keep Your Love To Yourself”

Stephen Thomas “Life Equals Purpose”

Domy B “All I Want”

Jamie Alimorad “Not Ready To Say Goodbye”

Michael Burrows “Brand New Heartache”

Charlie Kulis Band “Come And Getcha Some”

Elliott Wilde “Wasted Summer Day”

Big Jim Davis “Are You The One”

Jay Chavez “All By Ourselves”

Aaron Nigel Smith “I Can’t Breathe”

Jesse Pepe “Little Man”

Denise Fuleihan “Times Up”

Primadonna Reeds “Glitter Girl”

Damon “Hustle With A Purpose”

Christos “Boomerang”

Black Pontiac “Kate Rambo”

Alex VanTrue “Replay”

Izzy Mahoubi “Letting Go”

John Michael Ferrari “So Beautiful”

Rob Georg “Ghost”

Big Jim Davis “Loving Through The Window”

Rick Fusion “A Little Big Of Love”

Nick Hedden ‘Wish You Could Be My Girl”

J Gary Smith “We Had Love”

Irlene Mandrell “If This Turns Into Love”

Nick Beezy “Late Night”

James Clarke Bailey “Full Of Fighting”

Jamie Alimorad “Brighter_Days”

Toni Land “New Girl”

Craig Mecham “How Can It Be”

Reagan Hudson “Sober This Morning”