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PROFESSIONAL LYRIC VIDEOS Take advanage of the exposure of video streaming services!


3 Reasons Why Musicians Need Lyric Videos


1. Fans love them!

Your fans want to be able to sing along to the music. With lyric videos, fans will have a place to go, engage with your music. Having professional lyric videos on your social media outlets and video streaming platforms helps retain your fans to explore more of your great music and videos.

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2. YouTube loves them too

Some time ago YouTube stepped into the music industry and changed the landscape how music is discovered and consumed. YouTube has taken over video streaming worldwide as the global superpower.  YouTube aggregates more music streams than all of the other streaming services combined and lyric videos are taking their share of the fame and fortune.

Many lyric videos have gained incredible numbers of views. Conquering hundreds of millions of views, YouTube’s platform for lyric videos have found their home and any artist serious about their career in the music industry takes advantage of the enormous exposure.  If you want to boost engagement and grow fans, lyric videos can help.


3. Social media distrubution

Ever since Facebook and Instagram started to show instant video play, lyric videos have become the new gateway for artists and bands to gain followers. Social media platforms push viewers to respond to videos and images while scrolling through a feed. Current data shows that videos with text and/or visuals land more clicks by leaps and bounds. 

High quality professional lyric videos make a huge difference

Releasing lyric videos is not only a great way to keep pushing out content in between your artist’s bigger plans, but adds another “dimension” to their music career. Lyric video reach into new markets you have not yet tapped into you. Enlarging your fanbase, your exposure and monetizing  your music in another platform. 

Awesome professional lyric videos. Fast turn around. Include animated video outro highlighting your artist.