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THE COUNTDOWN FOR YOUR RELEASE Being prepared is the best first step

With over 30 years experience within the music industry, we know a thing or two about getting the most success out of new releases. Being prepared is by far the most important first step. We have compile an extensive checklist for artist’s next release. Enjoy our step by step guide as we walk you through the guidelines.


Just as important as having a well produced and mastered song, is having all your assets completed and organized. 

  • Press images. We cannot express enough how important it is to have some nice professional images which best represent your artist and their music. Especially in todays digital world where any smart phone is able to capture your brand. There truly is no excuses. . and radio/media know this. Having a selection of professional images will tremendously help you brand your artists music and their career. Images are used everywhere from social media platforms, within the artists bio, press releases to radio and media, and of course artist’s and company’s websites. 
  • Create an EPK. Typically this is hosted within your own website for easy sharing of all your assets (artists image, bio, tour schedule, music samples, contact information, etc.). 
  • Create a shareable online drive (Dropbox,  Google Drive, etc.).  This should contain the EPK information, but more extensive to share with the more serious interested parties. This can have full album songs, as well as larger quality image files as print media commonly will need.


  • Get on those streaming sites!  As you setup accounts on the vast amount of streaming sites be sure to keep these account set to “private” as your prepared for your new release. You wouldn’t want to give away too much too fast.
  • Re-work your bio to focus on the new release your intend to put your focus on. Place all your focus and efforts on one song.  An individual song is used as a tool to maximize your visibility. More songs is not better. . . it just “waters down” your focus. 
  • Create additional social media material. Put some serious time into preparing and designing social media images for each platform. Please take note, each social media platform has their own guidelines for images size, video length, etc. So, it’s important you understand each one before you are ready to engage.  Additionally, you will want to fine tune your social media pages to have the most up to date information on your event page headers, announcements, etc. 
  • Make a list of calendared events for your assets you will be sharing on social media Prepared yourself to hae a slow drip of new images and information which you aim to put out over the course of your radio, media and social media campaign. 
  • Put some thought into your ideas and/or message you want to express to the public, fans (old and new).  This is where you can get more detailed by explain what this new song you are releasing mean to you… why you wrote it…and any backstories you wish to share.


  • Build that great looking website! We have already covered this is another artist here, but as important it is we wanted to mention it again. You can read more about the web build in our other artist. For now, we will move onto something like your emailed newsletter which goes hand in hand. You should also consider creating your own CRM with your contacts as a great way to constantly keep your fans informed. We recommend our website building service, of course, as we give our clients great value and BIG bang for your buck when it comes to web design. Additionally, your website can be fully automated into services such as Mailchimp to keep your fans and contact constantly informed with your on-goings.
  • Now that you have your assets to use on social media platforms, it’s time to get busy creating those accounts. Now, don’t get scare at what I’m about to tell you. It’s not as time consuming as it may seem. You need to set up social media accounts on every social media platform known to mankind. Firstly, this doesn’t just help your SEO as an artist online, but the visibility you will get is worth its weight in gold.  There are many, many social media platforms which you may not even be interested or are simply not aware of. None the less, Google “social media platforms” and get started creating those accounts. You’re thinking to yourself, “how will I ever keep up with all these accounts?” Easy, there is software available which is very simple to use and will automatic all your postings within each social media platform. See, I told you it wasn’t going to be that bad. Pretty painless.
  • Once you have activated all your social media account and have them all looking awesome and professional, invite your friends to your page and begin gathering followers. Please note, it is essential to have presence on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to start!  Place attention on making your username and branding uniform across all platforms.


It’s time to put your team together. Putting together a team of professional industry reps will make or break your success.  Radio Promotion and marketing has, and will likely remain, the reigning champion within the music industry. Don’t forget about publicity and PR which will come into play once your new release gets legs.  A social media marketing company can also make a massive difference with your global reach. All of which we offer at Loggins Promotion as the leader within the music industry. We are here to help you and answer whatever questions you may have. All you have to do is reach out to us.  


Contact us now and we’ll get you the media attention you need!