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SPECIALTY RELEASES Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Suicide Prevention, Breast Cancer Awareness, etc.

James Younger “It’s Christmas”

Amber Alyssa “Please Come Home For Christmas”

Cabela & Schmitt “Little Baby Jesus”

Michael Damian “Christmas Time Is Here”

Tommy Rice “Christmas Is All About Jesus”

Eileen Carey “Jingle Bell Rock”

John Jurney “Mr. Christmas”

Michael Damian “Bring Back The Christmas Card”

Cabela & Schmitt “Christmas Bells Are Ringing”

Candace Woodson “Nicki And The Crew”

Clark Ford “My Mrs. Claus”

Village People “A Very Merry Christmas To You”

Tommy Rice & Patricia Barrett “Christmas Is All About Jesus”

Jacaranda “Christmas Here I Come”

Tommy Rice “Christmas Without You”

Eileen Carey “Jingle Bell Rock”

Paul Bill Jr “Y.O.U. For Christmas”

Village People “Happiest Time Of The Year”

Praise4U “Christmas Morn”

Darren Stakey “Don’t Light The Lights”

Meg Berry “Happy Holiday Song” Remix

Adrian Bal “Yuletime”

meg berry “Happy Holiday Song”

Tommy Rice w/Patricia Barrett “Christmas Is All About Jesus”

Adrian Bal “Christmas Is Coming”

Rob Georg “When I Make It Home For Christmas”

Meg Berry “The Thanksgiving Song”

Toni Land “Frankenstein”

Tommy Rice “Christmas Is All About Jesus”

Streetlight Cadence “Chillin”

Adrian Bal “Christmas Is Coming”

Christina Ferraro “Christmas Candle”

Meg Berry “Happy Holiday Song”

James Croxton “Christmas Card”

Ginger & The Glowsticks “Christmas Day”

Adrian Ball “Yuletime”

Jamie Alimorad “Brighter Days” (Suicide Prevention)

Isabel Rose “Hanukkah Oh, Hanukkah”

Village People “A Very Merry Christmas”

Conversion “Christmastime In Caroline”

Rob Georg “When I Make It Home For Christmas”

Village People ” Go Santa Go”

Toni Land “Frankenstein”


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