Kicking off the New Year, Nashville’s most promising up and coming pop dance artist Taylor X debuted her single, “No Touchy” to worldwide radio.  As an independent artist, Taylor X smartly strategized a promotion campaign to break ground in the music industry and she most certainly did with her debut single making an astonishing first impression and impact on radio reaching #29 on New Music Weeky’s Hot100 Main chart, #5 on Hot AC/AC Main chart and #43 on the Top40 Main chart. There is no doubt Taylor X has a playful and confident edge to her music with a spark of downright feisty redheaded attitude that draws you in and demands attention. If you get a chance to watch her perform, you’ll experience thrilling dance choreography, theatrical storytelling with props, homemade designed costumes and energy to light up the city. With all that magic and emotion, there’s no surprise that her single is making such an impact on radio so early on in the campaign. The song keeps climbing the charts due to having one of the highest spin gains, radio pickups and requests. The radio hype is buzzing and the word is getting around about her eccentric brand and persona, which is also creating interest from major record labels, managers, producers and industry tastemakers.

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