Morgan Alexander is a new artist here on CML I believe. I don’t think I recognize the name. And I don’t think I recognize the voice although I can pick up on the influences.  I’m probably making assumptions and that’s never a good thing, but you can hear some of the old school guys in Morgan’s voice. Haggard. Toby Keith. Wade Hayes. A few others. It’s good stuff.

Morgan has a new EP out with four songs on it. I wasn’t sure what one we should look at and review so I checked them all out. They’re all good, but there was something that stood out about this one at least to me. That’s one of the cool things with songs. Sometimes one song might catch one person’s ear and another might do the same for someone else.

This one just has a cool little melody. I like the intro. And the overall flow of the song is kind of cool. It’s kind of right in the middle and sets the tone for the song, which I think is about a guy that’s kind of worried about getting his heart broken.

It’s either that or he’s dealing with some kind of challenge in a relationship. Maybe he’s venturing out to find new love, but he’s afraid of doing it because there has been heartbreak before. Maybe he’s seeing the same woman again and he’s not really sure if she’ll have the same feelings.

It’s a good song. A little throwback country.


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